Founded in 2001, Edison Power Projects Divison has evolved into a comprehensive electrical infrastructure company integrating some small but highly professional established companies in the Middle East and few joint venture companies internationally.
Edison, “the reliable partner”, as its clients perceive it, has over the years of its existence taken giant strides in the field of transmission infrastructure with some state-of-the-art technically challenging projects under its belt. As a reliable and flexible partner with extensive international experience easily adapted to various market requirements, Edison successfully cooperates with domestic and foreign partners for the realization of important projects.

Edison offers large-scale and high quality services in Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa, providing a variety of diversified projects and services to its diverse client bank.

‘Implementation with expertise’ is Edison’s mantra and through this policy the firm has earned the confidence of its clients with valuable morale boosting comments and recommendations.

Contributing affirmatively to the international business environment, Edison strives to:
• Ensure sustainable development, growth and profitability.
• Further strengthen the reputation of the company globally, by anticipating and fulfilling the 
   requirements of its clients.
• Uphold the integrity of its business activities.
• Conduct its business relations and expansion in the spirit of cooperation and partnership.
• Assure the realization of all business endeavors with planned performances.

Edison envisions itself as an international leader in the fields of power engineering, where clients will perceive it as an integral part of their success, thus satisfying employees and shareholders alike, and sharing the responsibility towards society as a whole.
Since its inception, Edison has been executing projects involving design and erection of switchyards, substations and power transmission lines up to 220KV and strives to extend its field of activity to 400KV in the coming years. The structured expansion of Edison has fetched far reaching results, and the company envisages forays into green energy solutions, telecommunication systems and data processing systems. With a turnover of more than $800 million, EDSION GROUP is presently operating in 10 countries around the world.

With almost a decade of operation, Edison has developed into an organization competent to undertake large and complex projects, ranging from studies and investigations, through design and supervision to construction and implementation. Today Edison is a capable contractor for complex projects including construction management, full engineering and turn-key projects.

The brief summary of projects executed by EDISON during the last 10 years in more than 10 countries all over the world:

• Over fifty power transmission and distribution substations (of voltage up to 220 KV)

• Few hundred kilometers of overhead transmission and cable lines (of voltage up to 220 KV)

The EDISON GROUP staff boasts of professionalism and is studded with skilled and experienced engineers, few holding Ph.D. and Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering and Technical Sciences, giving Edison the edge over competition and consolidating its position as a prominent and trusted group.
220 KV current transformer

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