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Some of our major clients
Convention Centre

An enviable location in a dynamic city, flexible and versatile meeting and exhibition spaces, and impressive facilities was a canvas for Edison to display its work of art.
The Mahabodhi Temple, Gaya

The company has the in-house capability to design, manufacture and execute projects relating to lighting of large areas, which are long lasting, cost effective, energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Our individualistic and problem solving approach to each project matched with our technical and design expertise has made us one of the leading lighting design and execution companies in the world.
Dubai Airport

At Dubai Airport, Edison has been responsible for the critical aircraft obstruction lighting system at fuel farms, as well as functional and decorative lighting at Terminal One.
Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai

The Atrium feature at Dubaiís Jumeirah Beach Hotel is a landmark achievement for Edison Lighting. Designed by world renowned  sculptor Rob Olins, the project transformed 90m of blank wall into an innovative and challenging work of art and creative lighting.
Fairmont Hotel, Dubai

Fairmont Hotel Dubai, the subtle changes of light and color constantly playing over the pyramids that cap the outer corners of the Fairmont complex.
Regular Projects

Hazratganj Market, Lucknow

Details to be added
Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Dubai

Customized high power floodlights with high-precision designed reflector technology to control light spill and glare. These very special light fixtures illuminate the front architectural element of the building and make it visible from miles away.
The specially designed xenon lighting system outlining the cradle gantry on the other face of the building enhances the unique triangular shape of the building. The challenge at that time was to get a uniform continuous band of light and distant visibility. The objectives were successfully achieved.