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Design Services

From the outset, Edison product specialists and design engineers work with Designers and Specifiers to select products that will integrate and blend smoothly with the construction methodologies and architecture in order to generate the desired effect.
Lighting design and consultancy is central to all our projects. Our design office uses this information, to provide a service, which is necessary in this exciting and innovative industry.

Lighting calculation software is used to obtain the optimum lighting layout. Using this software, many different designs can be visualised. Lighting data and 3D images generated can identify the most appropriate lighting design. AutoCAD is used to present lighting layouts, in a format that can be easily e-mailed or printed. These layouts are used on-site to position all light fittings.

As part of the design process we prepare a 'Lighting Document' for the project. This is a document which contains specifications and a visual reference of each light fitting used.

LED Colour Changing Lighting (RGB) and Fibre Optics are now being used to produce unique lighting effects. Our design office can present concepts using 'LED Colour Changing Lighting (RGB)' and 'Fibre Optics' that will create stunning lighting features.

The services provided are based on the nature of the lighting design project, not all projects are suited to the processes described above. Please contact us for further details.
AutoCAD Layouts

Lighting Calculations

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