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Architecture Lighting

Architectural lighting uses small discreet lighting fixtures, mostly located on the faade, to light details.
Architectural and detail lighting can take many forms, from mini-floodlights to highly efficient light-emitting diode (LED) linear fittings. As fittings are often located on the building itself, installation must be handled carefully to avoid damaging the fabric. Architectural lighting is not intended to make the building appear as it does during the day, but instead to offer a very different and selective view.

Structures need to be maintained in the original state
Remodel without damaging the structure
To ensure IESNA guidelines are maintained during installations

Lighting should enhance aesthetic issue of the Monument
   In general, it should provide ideas to stimulate human thinking
To highlight the mood & ambience and to connect to the healthy glorious
Enhance the quality of pedestrian experience all along the corridors.

Provide pleasant and a long lasting experience in the mind of the visitor.
To create an identity for the Monument while respecting the need of the commercial corridor.
Encourage flexible and individual creativity.
To achieve visually distinct faade of the monument in order to relate to the surrounding and provide a sense of cohesiveness.
To minimize the up-keep of the Lighting system in terms of maintenance.

The SUN is the Best Source in the Universe; however it has highest content of ultra Violet & Infra red compared to artificial light sources. Artificial lighting is generated by different light sources and has the ability to control ultra violet radiations & high temperatures.

Subtle external lighting, when designed with care and sensitivity, can bring added life and scope to some of our most treasured landmarks. It becomes an extension to the architecture, improving the quality of the view and complementing the structure of the shape, coloration and form. It gives an added dynamics by bringing the soul back into a place and can be likened to painting with light.

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