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About Us

Edison is the only professionally Specialized Lighting & Power Organization committed towards fulfilling unique lighting products and solutions and comprehensive electrical solutions designed for the international market. Collaborating with the finest manufacturers Internationally, we offer their most exclusive and sought-after products, with ready availability catering to middle-east Iran and India. 

We focus on Lighting that appeal to the senses that add a dramatic effect. Highlighting art and architecture in the most imaginative ways, we also offer the most advanced cutting edge solutions in outdoor, indoor, street lighting, harbor lighting, sports lighting etc. We supply lighting products that make a strong visual statement, furthering the designer's intentions for space thus
Bringing Ideas to Light.

The Power division of Edison has evolved into a comprehensive electrical infrastructure company integrating some small but highly professional established companies in the Middle East and few joint venture companies internationally. A one stop solution for Power, it has, over the years of its existence, taken giant strides in the field of transmission infrastructure with some state-of-the-art technically challenging projects under its belt.

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